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Tourism NADUAM, has a modern fleet of vehicles, for which, with all confidence, you will be able to make anyone of our supplies.

FORT BULNES: One is to 65 km to the South of Punta Arenas. Place where the testimonies of the first populations of the Patagonia can be visited.

PENGUINS: FULL DAY TO THE PARK PENGUIN KING: It is in the Tierra del Fuego Island, Inutil Bay Sector, place where you can see the King Penguins, which are the second largest of its kind.

Departures Tuesday to Sunday.

FULL DAY TO TORRES DEL PAINE NATIONAL PARK: 480 km of Punta Arenas City. It can visit in day one of the more beautiful National Parks of Chile, leaving from Punta Arenas.

Departures Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

SPECIAL SERVICES: Attention to Tourist Operators.


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 Punta Arenas -  PATAGONIA - Chile.


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